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Manpower Supply Ho Chi Minh City

What is Manpower Supply? When should enterprises use labor supply services?
Supply of human resources in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces.
The current 4.0 era is the era of modern science and technology. Machines operate under the control of workers as well as some jobs that machines cannot perform to replace workers. Using and hiring workers to optimize the budget, optimize human resources while ensuring the quality of work is a difficult problem. The labor supply market is developing strongly and needs an abundant labor source. Since then, the form of labor recruitment is formed according to the law of supply – demand.


Supply of human resources in Ho Chi Minh City Tan Vang
Supply of human resources in Ho Chi Minh City Tan Vang

1. What is Manpower Supply?

Manpower supply is an activity of a service company to provide human resources and labor for production and business companies. The service company contracts directly with the workers, but  the workers are hired by other companies. At this time, the employee “works under the management” of another company, the recruitment service company can select the employee according to the job requirements, from low to high education level to meet the requirements of the company. partner company.

2. When should enterprises use human resource services?

Demand for increased production:

When a production or business company has a new order or a new project, the workload is very large. At this time, the company’s staff resources cannot meet the work according to the company’s plan. Overtime only solves part of the work and does not guarantee product quality. The problem is to have a seasonal human resource to quickly respond to the seasonal production needs of the business.

Reduce labor costs:

During the off-peak months, high employee turnover and reduced productivity impact the administrative and operational costs of the organization. In addition to paying a fixed monthly salary for employees, the company also has to bear related costs such as insurance, festival costs, uniform costs. It is essential to cut unnecessary personnel in difficult times and not be bound by labor contracts.

Focus on the company’s core missions:

Startups, SMEs and foreign-invested companies still face many talent challenges. For example: lack of understanding of labor law, lack of experience, limited resources, etc. Establish a specialized human resources department or department to help enterprises carry out their responsibilities for recruitment, training, and management. and labor in accordance with the law, so that enterprises can work safely. Improve the quality of production and business activities.
Manpower supply Tan Vang
Manpower supply Tan Vang

3. Tan Vang manpower supply service.

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of specialized labor supply and well-trained staff. Tan Vang has become a leading prestigious company in human resource supply with services such as:
Supply of human resources in the country.
Supply temporary, or seasonal manpower.
Recruitment, consulting and job placement.
See more services and price list at Tan Vang Labor Supply

4. The great advantages that Tan Vang human resources supply brings.

Professionalism, quality, prestige.

With a strong staff trained for many years. Tan Vang brings the mind in the way of working and the vision in the way of handling and solving human resource problems.
Right price
Manpower Supply
Manpower Supply
Tan Vang is inclined to choose to cooperate with long-term partners, so the price will be the most favorable. The time commitment is strictly according to the contract. And discount with preferential programs.
Maintaining core values ​​and saving costs for your business helps Tan Vang become the most prestigious partner in human resource supply today.
Adapted to highly volatile markets.
The fact that the economy fluctuates constantly, along with a series of fluctuating factors such as epidemics and wars, causes human resources to fluctuate accordingly. Tan Vang has predefined plans to meet the current market demand. Allocate resources to help maintain efficiency in each task and goal of Tan Vang.

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