Price list of labor hire services

price list of labor hire services

Price list of labor hire services


Price list of labor hire services – a reputable source of high-quality labor.

Currently, companies, businesses as well as production facilities need a team of qualified, unskilled, seasonal or long-term workers to meet the increasing requirements of order volume. .

However, in just a short time, to be able to recruit human resources to meet the desired basic requirements is not easy for businesses. Stemming from that fact, TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD has deployed to supply and hire labor, to meet all the production and business needs of companies and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and over the world. nationwide.

Price list of labor hire services
Price list of labor hire services

1. Prestigious, Professional, Cheap Labor Hiring Service

TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD we are one of the reputable units, operating in the field of labor supply and hire, staffing in Ho Chi Minh City as well as other provinces for many years. To meet the needs of hiring workers, diverse personnel of companies and businesses, we specialize in:

– Supply and hire short-term, long-term and skilled unskilled labor in many different fields such as manufacturing goods, assembling electrical – electronic – plastic components, food processing, garment, etc. leather processing, woodworking and processing, packing and loading and unloading of goods, ….

– Supply and hire qualified personnel in the fields of human resources administration, accounting and auditing, customer care, sales, reception, …. short-term or long-term work.

Price list of labor hire services
Price list of labor hire services

2. Why do you hire workers at TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD?

It can be said that currently on the market, there are many units deploying seasonal and long-term labor hire services to meet and serve the needs of companies and businesses. With experience accumulated after many years of operation, TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD we will bring to customers satisfaction by:

– The workforce has been trained and verified through skills as well as professional qualifications in many different industries, meeting the diverse needs of customers.

– The team of unskilled workers as well as qualified workers provided by TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD have a clear background, professional working style and enthusiastic and dedicated attitude. From there, we will help businesses avoid unnecessary risks and complete the production schedule as planned.

– Customers can hire workers, hire seasonal, short-term or long-term personnel depending on their needs to actively use human resources in their business and production processes.

– The cost of hiring labor, hiring personnel at TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD is always reasonable with each customer’s request.

– Labor supply time is fast and always ready to serve the needs of hiring workers and personnel in large numbers of customers.

Therefore, TAN VANG LABOR SUPPLY CO., LTD is one of the best choices when you need to find a unit specializing in hiring labor and personnel for various industries. Please contact us using the information below for further information support and labor supply service quickly, anytime, anywhere.

Price list of labor hire services

1 Hire seasonal unskilled workers. 8 hours day shift 280.000 (VND/person) 60.000(VND/hour)
8 hours night shift 320.000 (VND/person) 60.000(VND/hour)
12 hours day shift 400.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
12 hours night shift 440.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
2 Hire labor for loading and unloading goods. 8 hours day shift 350.000 (VND/person) 70.000(VND/hour)
8 hours night shift 380.000 (VND/person) 70.000(VND/hour)
12 hours day 460.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
12 hours night shift 500.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
Price list of labor hire services
Price list of labor hire services

3. Benefits and interests of customers when using TAN VANG‘s labor rental service:

Proactive in human resources and flexible: Customers will be proactive in using labor resources, increase/decrease labor according to the Company’s production and business situation, and request TAN VANG to replace the employees. ineffective work.
Avoiding labor risks: Customers are entitled to request to change workers and dismiss employees who are not suitable or violate the Company’s rules without paying compensation or legal risks.
Efficiency and cost reduction: Enterprises will not lose time and costs in recruiting as well as managing administrative procedures on labor. TAN VANG will do it on behalf of customers, thereby helping customers focus on the core business of production and business, increasing efficiency and benefits for customers

Price list of labor hire services
Price list of labor hire services

With the labor hire service of TAN VANG, we are responsible for providing labor according to customer requirements, signing contracts with employees, training on internal rules and regulations as required. of cutomer.
Manage employees, calculate and pay salaries and bonuses to employees as committed, perform responsibilities/procedures for compulsory insurance and personal income tax as prescribed by law, examine periodic health, manage labor records, make labor reports and take responsibility for labor before the law.


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