Price list of labor supply services

Price list of labor supply services

Price list of labor supply services

Price list of labor supply services – a reputable source of high-quality labor.

Providing quality and skilled labor is what businesses care about. This labor supply is to help businesses supply personnel at times of overtime or when they need personnel to quickly perform the assigned work. Labor supply service providers also always have abundant human resources to promptly respond.

Price list of labor supply services
Price list of labor supply services

When it comes to labor supply, usually workers are unskilled workers. Jobs that often need to supply personnel are labor supply for loading and unloading, labor supply for events or labor supply for overtime production. The form of personnel supply will usually hire by the hour, by the day or by project.

1. Current demand for labor resources in Vietnam

Our country’s economy is on the rise, leading to an increasing demand for human resources, especially skilled labor. Not only domestic enterprises compete, but the economic market of Vietnam is also interested by foreign enterprises.

Besides the competition in the market for consumption and goods, the competition in the labor market is also a problem that businesses need to solve.

Another issue that needs to be taken into account is the shortage of short-term, part-time or seasonal workers to meet the production needs of enterprises during certain times such as holidays, Tet, etc. is also focused.

It can be said that the labor force in our country is quite abundant and has increased rapidly in recent years. Along with that, the demand for labor recruitment of enterprises has also increased.

However, for some reason, your business still cannot find the right workers according to the requirements? Personnel supply companies will quickly receive and provide the most suitable labor source.

So, what is the labor supply? How does a staffing company work? Please continue reading below.

2. What is labor supply?

Labor supply is a commercial activity of labor exchange between the party supplying labor and the party wishing to use labor in a certain period of time. Labor supply is also known as manpower supply.

In a word, if a business needs workers but cannot recruit enough in a short time, the human resource company will support and meet this need.

Personnel supply service is provided by a company that has received a business license for employee outsourcing. This is an important requirement when choosing a labor supply company. This is to minimize the risks in terms of policy as well as the law.

Price list of labor supply services

1 Hire seasonal unskilled workers. 8 hours day shift 280.000 (VND/person) 60.000(VND/hour)
8 hours night shift 320.000 (VND/person) 60.000(VND/hour)
12 hours day shift 400.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
12 hours night shift 440.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
2 Hire labor for loading and unloading goods. 8 hours day shift 350.000 (VND/person) 70.000(VND/hour)
8 hours night shift 380.000 (VND/person) 70.000(VND/hour)
12 hours day 460.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
12 hours night shift 500.000 (VND/person) 50.000(VND/hour)
Price list of labor supply services
Price list of labor supply services

3. Advantages and disadvantages of labor supply services

Labor supply, besides providing effective solutions, still has the following advantages and disadvantages:


Choosing a labor supply service within a certain period of time will reduce costs of enterprises, limit redundant workers, reduce pressure on quantity and training costs.
Flexibility in the number of personnel in each period, easily replacing personnel when it is not suitable
Quickly and easily search for labor in large numbers
Respond quickly to working time characteristics such as seasonal, short-term or part-time
Meeting the demand for human resources will promote the company’s development, bring high economic efficiency and increase competitiveness in the market.
Create stability in personnel in particular and the operating structure of the enterprise in general
Minimize legal issues
Creating stability for the labor market. In the period of speeding up the production process, the supply of unskilled labor can meet the labor needs of enterprises without worrying about shortage of personnel in the boom period or redundancy afterwards.
Tan Vang human resources are concentrating labor resources to hand over to the company


Lack of in-depth training: Because the time needed for workers is urgent, it is completely impossible to train human resources.
Due to hiring personnel from another source, it is quite difficult for businesses to control and ensure the activities of employees. Therefore, it is necessary to find a reputable unit to ensure strict labor control.
Lower labor productivity: Because the labor source is unskilled, labor productivity is lower in the first period. After a while of getting used to the job, the productivity will gradually increase.

Price list of labor supply services
Price list of labor supply services

4. Labor supply service of Tan Vang in HCMC

Your business is struggling to find human resources to promptly meet the production schedule. Choosing a reputable supplier company with quality staff is the optimal solution for your business

Labor hire services of Tan Vang Manpower

Supply personnel by hour and by day
Product packaging stamping service
House cleaning service after construction
Cargo unpacking service
House and office cleaning service
PG rental service
Multi-industry component assembly service

In addition, if customers need to support human resources to perform other jobs such as: transportation, machine stand-by, sales, seasonality, etc., they can contact Tan Vang Human Resources.

5. The benefits of using the human resource supply service of Tan Vang Manpower

For companies, businesses

Quickly respond to your partner’s resource needs in the shortest time
Our experts will work together with the client to understand the manpower requirements. From there, identify and provide the right people, the right jobs.
Optimum customer care, designed to meet the needs of both candidates and clients.
Minimizing legal risks related to policy settlement for employees, termination of labor contracts, etc.
Ensure the interests of candidates and customers in accordance with the law
Depending on the client’s request, we can arrange a medical examination for each candidate before accepting the job
The service provides quality human resources and is trusted by many businesses.

For workers

The birth of human resource companies not only solves human resource needs for businesses but also creates jobs for employees:

Advantages in choosing jobs according to their own needs: Many workers prefer a flexible work model because it suits their lifestyle and time.
Increase the proportion of people participating in the labor force, especially women
Reduce the unemployment rate of workers

Price list of labor supply services
Price list of labor supply services

6. The role of Tan Vang human resource supply company

Labor source is one of the important keys in the production of goods, especially in times of high production demand of enterprises.

In this case, your business is struggling to find out where to find a short-term labor source in the fastest time to promptly add to the production position? Or your business does not want to create a redundancy of personnel, causing an increase in costs but less work?

Understanding the immediate needs of the market, human resource services were born to solve the urgent human resource needs of businesses.

The supply of general personnel not only helps your business save time in recruiting personnel, but also helps to reduce related costs.

Labor supply service of Tan Vang Manpower is committed to providing the perfect recruitment and supply solution for your business. We always try to improve the quality of the labor force and become the best reliable experts in the field of labor supply today.

Coming to Tan Vang, we will be ready to meet all your HR needs in the shortest time frame.

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