What is a contracting service? Benefits for businesses when using contracting services.

contracting service (2)

What is a contracting service? Benefits for businesses when using contracting services.

What is outstanding about the contracting service that makes businesses trust to assign their work to other units to perform. Let’s find out with Tan Vang!

Currently, there are many foreign companies and many multinational companies using cheap labor in developing countries, including Vietnam. Businesses and corporations are always calculating how fewer employees can ensure higher growth, fulfillment, and profits. How cost wages can generate correspondingly high returns is a difficult question. And contracting services have emerged to help solve this cost conundrum with ease.

contracting service (2)
contracting service

1. What is a contracting service?

Contracting service is a service that is accepted by a unit for a specific job. Contract work can be calculated by product or by a small stage in the work. The two parties sign a contract with the terms of work performance, the salary paid in proportion to the job completion rate. The contractor who only guarantees to complete the work in accordance with the signed contract will receive the maximum amount in the contract.

The nature of this contracting service depends on the volume of work, the quality of the work and the time it takes to complete the work, so the form of contract payment is usually applied to seasonal and temporary jobs. Because each employee has a different workload and different quality of work. The salary paid is proportional to the results they bring to the company and is proportional to the amount of work and time invested.

2. Expenses incurred by enterprises when using contracting services.

With such a form of contracting, how much does a business have to spend and what advantages and disadvantages does it have for them?

Pros: Workers and employers can easily negotiate a fixed price to get the job done.

Cons: Employers have to pay employees a certain amount in advance if the work has to be done for a long time.

The flat salary will be paid by the company according to the quality and time to complete the work. In addition, enterprises also have to pay costs for the contracting services they use. This cost is agreed in advance by the enterprise and the contracting unit.

So, the package salary and the contractor service fee are the two expenses that businesses have to spend on the job.

See price list and contracting services provided by Tan Vang Manpower Supply.

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contracting service

3. Benefits for enterprises when using contracting services.

Contracting services effectively supporting your business can reduce recruitment time, costs, and legal processes. Ensure the quality of the assigned work as well as the staff qualifications. Some of the benefits of this service are:

Product contracting services reduces the direct use of human resources and contributes to improving and developing the competitiveness of enterprises.
Product contracting services reduce risks for businesses, help businesses receive optimal human resource advice, provide professional and long-term services, and form talent management skills.
Product contracting service helps units and companies reduce time, costs and legal processes related to recruitment. Ensure the quality of the assigned work as well as the staff qualifications.
What benefits do businesses receive when using contracting services?

4. Contracting services at Tan Vang company.

Tan Vang specializes in providing contracting services such as construction contracting services, industrial cleaning, packing services, loading and unloading services. Coming to our company, you will experience enthusiastic consulting services and especially will bring many quality services with unbeatable prices and efficiency in handling goods.

In the current era, modernization of machines gradually replaces working people, in order to improve working productivity as well as efficiency. However, machines cannot completely replace humans, there are still some jobs that need people.

Cargo handling service:

Loading and unloading service is the use of labor force to load and unload goods on and off the means of transport.

contracting service
contracting service

Packing and stamping services:

Product Packaging Service is also considered as part of Outsourcing service. This service is one of the stages in the packaging lines of businesses. The Product Packaging Service Fee is calculated on the number of finished products according to the Company’s standards.

Construction contracting services at all stages of construction:

With available team. Ready to meet all your requirements about the product contracting process. Fast turnaround time and right price. Tan Vang will have many optimal solutions for consulting and implementing customers’ projects.

For more information about the service you are interested in as well as the services our company provides. Don’t hesitate

5. Tan Vang contracting service:

Services for subcontracting and contracting

Multinational corporations are taking advantage of low-cost labor in developing countries, and Vietnam has become a trend to increase profits. But even with fewer employees, growth, job completion and high profits… are becoming the trend of today’s multinational companies.
How a salary and expenses can bring about correspondingly high profits is a difficult problem, but can be easily solved with the appearance of subcontracting and contracting services that have brought significant benefits. subcontracting, contracting services with the most prestigious quality for any customer who wants to use.

Subcontracting and contracting services as an effective support of your company can reduce time, costs and legal procedures when recruiting. Ensure the qualifications of the staff as well as the quality of the assigned work.

Subcontracting and contracting services are currently the strengths of our Tan Vang company, including: cleaning services, packing services, road cargo handling services, office support services, and services. Market research, customer service

Just let us know your requirements, we will bring the most reasonable and quality services, ensuring human resources as described by the customer.

Tan Vang Manpower Supply Co., Ltd., with over 5 years of providing outsourced labor services, subcontracting services, contracting for many companies in Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. HCM. Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Long An, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc and other provinces… We are pleased to serve your company by providing outsourced labor supply services. We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss this need with your company.

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