Why should you choose human resources service?

Human resources (3)
Manpower supply service was born to provide quality human resources for companies and businesses. Why should you use human resource services instead of recruiting workers directly? Let’s find out with Tan Vang!
To meet talent goals, a company’s human resources department must assess the company’s needs, its position in the recruitment market, and the search and use of talent. Workforce planning is not only about assessing staff shortages and filling vacancies, but it also requires managers to learn the rules of resource allocation and balance.
Human resources (3)
human resources service

1. What is human resource service?

Human resource supply service is a service provided by experienced personnel recruitment agencies to recruit, apply, interview, support capacity testing, labor contract procedures, calculate monthly salary. month, etc. for employees and meet the requirements of recruitment enterprises.
Outsourcing human resources is a solution to save time and production costs, as well as management costs, and flexibly meet the increasing production requirements of enterprises.
The manpower supply can be part of the business or it can be a service provided by an outside company. The main tasks of staffing are:
Human resources (2)
human resources service
Provide the necessary number of employees with the necessary qualifications and skills to work according to the needs of the business.
Motivate your company’s employees to be productive and maximize their existing potential.
It connects the different resource utilization plans of the company to ensure the achievement of the overall business goals.

2. Advantages of using human resource services

Cost optimization: Salaries and administrative costs provided by training institutions, as well as reduced human resources, are much less for central services than for service companies. Creating jobs for talented people is key.
Talented, flexible and professional human resources: Our abundant reserve human resources are professionally trained in both skills and expertise. Helping businesses reduce recruitment and training costs.
Legal compliance: Operating on the principle of strict compliance with the law, ensuring the highest level of legality for customers. Reduce financial risk and employee liability.
Quality assurance of talents: Available talents are trained directly from the talent placement and development unit, ensuring the origin and quality of the company’s personnel.

3. How to choose a reputable human resource service provider?

a. Is the payroll organization legally licensed?

Regarding professional qualifications, human resource service providers must meet strict requirements of state administrative agencies. As a result, partnering with a licensed organization can help your business operate in a more secure, reputable, and legally protected environment.
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Labor supply

b. Does the HR organization conduct training?

Currently, when providing recruitment services to companies and job seekers, human resource providers must have a database of high-quality candidates. This is because many companies choose not only to hire general employees, but also to hire senior staff.
If the human resource supply organization is a training organization that combines monitoring and evaluation of the ability to grasp knowledge, acumen business management skills, the personality of the trainees during the learning process, the ability to ability to apply the learning results after the course to make correct conclusions about the capacity and quality of human resources.


c. Do you have a clear contract?


It is necessary to have a signed contract to professionalize the supply of human resources and protect the interests of the parties. The content of the contract must include the following mandatory contents: Information from the Contracting Parties; the content and duration of the contract; payment methods; rules regarding suspension, modification, termination of employment contracts, penalties and compensation for contractual damages; Rights and Obligations of the Parties; Applicable Law, Dispute Resolution and Other Agreements (if any).
In order to meet the essential needs of human resources as well as create job opportunities for employees, Tan Vang Manpower Supply Company was established. With more than 5 years of experience in formation and development combined with a professional staff management team, our company has provided quality labor for industrial clusters and parks in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.
Moreover, with more than 10,000 employees serving more than 500 customers in the provinces and cities, especially the key region of the South with many different modern industries for different jobs, electronic, mechanical. , packaging, loading and unloading services, wood production, milk and beverage, goods, construction, factory construction…
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4. Tan Vang Manpower Supply Service

Operating with the motto “One word of ten thousand beliefs” and operating experience in the field of supply

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